Episode 100 of Pullin from the Stacks and more

Pullin from the Stacks – Episode 101 (DOWNLOAD)

Pullin from the Stacks – Episode 100 (DOWNLOAD)

Pullin from the Stacks – Episode 97 (Digging in Stockholm) (DOWNLOAD)

Another set of episodes from the past couple months, including two (Episodes 97 and 98) full of gems I dug up in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2019, we’ve also reached our 100th episode – many many thanks to everyone who has listened, tweeted or posted about the podcast since it started! I really appreciate it. Special shout to Pipomixes for all his support.

Starting February 13th, the podcast will be on a regular schedule, with a new episode every other Wednesday, with maybe a surprise here or there in-between. Remember to subscribe and rate on iTunes or Soundcloud if you haven’t already!