Pullin from the Stacks in Havana and more

Pullin from the Stacks Episode 25 – Digging in Havana (DOWNLOAD)

Pullin from the Stacks Episode 26 – Fall Digging (DOWNLOAD)

Two more recent episodes for you all the check – first, I was able to go to Cuba last month for work-related reasons, and get a little bit of digging in. So I put together a mix of some of my favorites from that trip. Next, I’ve recently been grabbing some long sought-after pieces the past couple months, and wanted to play a few on the latest episode, along with some other eclectic selections. Be sure to check out that new Sly 5th Avenue record, available from my people at Kooyman Records: http://kooymanrecords.bandcamp.com.

Thanks for everyone’s support on this podcast the past year! More to come.

– DJ Ian Head