Monthly Mixtapes: “More Winter Warmth” (January 2010)

January 2010: More Winter Warmth
DJ Ian Head

As the year turns over, I figured I’d start things off with a little mix from the past – a blend of beats and underground joints, plus some extra flavor near the end. In December 2007, I made a mix called “Winter December Warmth,” which is still one of my favorite monthly mixes I’ve done. (Update: Apologies to DJ Center, my former roommate, who made the original “Winter Warmth” mix. I made a similar mix called “December Warmth.”) I thought I’d continue that vibe a little bit this year, with something I made even earlier (2006) but in a similar vein. Cuz it’s cold out there, as we manuever into a whole new decade, dealin with the economy, health care, the “justice” system and all kinds of ways society is pullin us apart while the weather makes us hide under blankets. So this is a chill little mix to just vibe out to, hand wash some dishes in hot water, and zone out to the kick drum.

Keep tuning in this year, I got some surprises, bonus mixes and special heat I’ve dug up recently to drop in the coming months. For now, here’s the tracklisting for the January mix:

Pharcyde “She Said” (Jay Dee Remix)
Marc Mack (From “How to Play a Game of Chess”)
Juggaknots “Someday”
Slum Village “Fall in Love” (Remix)
Redman “Tonite’s the Nite”
Lone Catalysts ft. Talib Kweli “Due Process”
Mass Influence “L.i.f.e of the Emcee”
Goodie Mob “Thought Process” (instrumental)
The Police “Voices Inside My Head”
Lalo Schifrin “Dirty Hairy Theme”
Quincy Jones “Money Runner”
Automator ft. Q-Bert “Bear Witness”

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