Monthly Mixtapes: “Groove Drops” (April 2011)

Monthly Mixtapes: “Groove Drops” (April 2011)

I bought this record by Reuben Wilson called “Groovy Situation” the other week, where he covers that song. It’s pretty funky, and though it didn’t make this tape, it inspired a tape of cool, up-and-down-beat  jazz-type grooves. Something to wash the dishes to on a Sunday morning.

It’s April and I’m trying to mellow out after a rough but productive couple months. Hopefully this new month brings some warmer weather, green leaves, new adventures – and more good music.

I know posts here at EDB have been minimal so far this year, things will change soon when I revamp the site to WordPress, just gotta wait another couple weeks or so.

Hope everyone is good.

— DJ Ian Head


The Fourth Way
Kenny Burrell
Monty Alexander
Ramsey Lewis
Jazz Crusaders
Freddie Hubbard
Lee Morgan
Jimmy Smith “Groove Drops”

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