Monthly Mixtapes “Heavy” (April 2010)

Monthly Mixtapes – April 2010 – “Heavy” (Download)

There are these compilation albums from the 70s I think, called like “Heavies” or “Heavy Stuff from CBS” – something in that vein. I took it to mean that the songs included, while for promotional purposes, were a sampling of some deeper, more intriguing cuts by artists, rather than pop-radio athemns.

So here’s my own little compilation of “heavies.” I tried to choose songs that feel…beautiful, I guess, or at least evoke something larger than just “it’s time to dance!” (not that I don’t love dancing to good music). These selections are more thoughtful pieces to me, along with “heavy” production value – thick drums, instrumentation, vocals that hit you directly.

It’s not a long mix, and I know some folks have told me I need to stretch the mixes out. I had several other records pulled originally, but when the Bobby Hutcherson song ended, I just felt like, that was it right there, a proper conclusion. Maybe the next mix will be an hour, we’ll see..

Full tracklisting below.

— DJ Ian Head

1. Cannonball Adderley “Tensity”
2. Ohio Players “Pride and Vanity”
3. Ashton, Gardner and Dyke “Paper Head, Paper Mind”
4. Pharoah Sanders “Thembi”
5. Gil Scott Heron “Everyday”
6. Milt Jackson w/Ray Brown “Enchanted Lady”
7. Bobby Hutcherson “Procession”

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