Ka.lil “Whiskey Mask” Video + New Album June 4

My dude Ka.lil’s new album “Between Saturday Night and Sunday Morning” drops on June 4th. Check for it!!

Rhettmatic and Shortkut cover Grandmaster Flash

Dope video of Rhettmatic and Shortkut keeping turntablism alive, and covering the all-time dj classic, “Adventures on the Wheels of Steel” by Grandmaster Flash. Fresh.


“Never seen anything like it in my life” DJ David DMC set

Ended up watching parts of a long highlight reel of DMC champions (below) last night, and admittedly while I’d seen many before, I’d totally missed out on this cat DJ David. Both his winning sets – 1990 and 1991 – are crazy on many levels. He’s like a manic drummer the way he goes at the tables, but also keeps things styles and flavor. Dope. Read the rest of this entry »

Gabriel Teodros TEDxRainer Talk

My friend Gabe got the honor of doing a TED talk at TEDxRainer the other week. Take a trip with him as he talks hip-hop, science fiction, growing up, activism and more.

DJ Center, DJ Ian Head and Joe Blaxx: The 45 Sessions Pt. 1

Finally edited the first part of a fun little “battle” DJ Center and I had awhile back, playing 45s out the crates while the infamous drummer and producer Joe Blaxx held court. Check for it!

Homeboy Sandman “Whatcha Want from Me”

Man, this cut is great on so many levels. The lyrics, the Oddisee beat, the flows, the Nine sample on the chorus, and another classic feel-good video from Sandman. One of the best emcees doin it right now.

Gabriel Teodros “Mind Power” video

My family Gabriel Teodros just dropped this new video for his “Mind Power” off his new LP “Colored Peoples Time Machine.” Produced by Bean-One.

Jazzy Jay on these records (video)

Another great interview in this “Digging” series – Jazzy Jay really goes in on the vinyl obsession that some of us record fiends have. Watch your 45s if he drops by your house…(h/t Pipomixes)