June 45s Soul Mixtape – DJ Ian Head

DOWNLOAD – June 45s Mixtape

Whats good.

Spent the past few months caught up with job+school grind, and had to step back from the turntables for a minute. Still got in a couple vinyl excursions in-between, but it’s frustrating to be buying all this music and not have time to play it that much, even for myself.

So now it’s June and time to get back to it. Trying to plot out a couple music/visual creations for the coming months, but figured I’d knock out a short mix as the weather heats up. Strictly 45rpm soul crunchiness – selections to slow it down and vibe out to.

Hope everyone is well.

– DJ Ian Head

D’Angelo and Questlove at Brooklyn Bowl

Tried hard to get a ticket to this, but was sold out in 30 minutes. Very thankful to be able to hear it, especially the Sly “Let me have it all” cover – ridiculous!

Jose James Covers Freestyle Fellowship “Park Bench People”

Man YouTube is so full of ill covers of songs..love finding this kinda stuff.

fourteen45sofcrunchylovesongsin7minutes (mixtape)

new mixtape: fourteen45sofcrunchylovesongsin7minutes

I know posts are slow – been extra busy, plus re-formulating stuff on the music front. here’s a short freestyle mix i threw together tonight – wanted to play some 45s and just get some off-the-cuff practice in. real crunchy, but hopefully you enjoy. also available for now on my soundcloud.

JusMoni x WD4D – “Get Out” Single

Cool new joint from the homies JusMoni and WD4D – fly Seattle ish for your hot summer day.

Monthly Mixtapes: “Warm Weather” (July 2012)

Download: July 2012 mixtape “Warm Weather”

I had a different idea for this one going into it, but feel pretty good about how it came out. Play it while driving to the beach and pretend it’s 1991.


Pieces of a Dream
Adriana Evans
Janet Jackson
Soull II Soul
DJ Krush
[figure it out]
Marc Mac

Covers you might not have heard.

Ok, didn’t get to dig this weekend because I’ve been sick with the cold. Argh. So instead I’ve been watching Transformers cartoons on Netflix, reading Wikipedia and stuffing my nose full of kleenex. But I feel a bit better this evening and thought I’d post some dope covers of songs that folks might not have heard. These aren’t “old” covers but rather newer renditions of some dope joints I’ve found while perusing the internets.

The above is the Vijay Iyer Trio doing an MIA song – honestly I like their version way more than the original, but I’m not a big MIA fan. They also have a great cover of Ronnie Foster’s “Mystic Brew” on that album (think Tribe Called Quest “Electric Relaxation”) and a dope cover of Heatwave’s “Star of a Story” on their latest LP.

Here is the Juju Orchestra doing Steely Dan’s “Do It Again” – a great take on a classic but in a totally different style. You’ll find me playing this at DJ gigs in the near future.

One of the most slept-on cats in hip-hop, Shock G is a legend – here he’s doing a cover of Tupac’s “So Many Tears” on the keys. Shock G was not only a good from of Tupac but basically the reason Tupac got put on in the first place.

DJ Ian Head featuring Peach Howard – “Gone” (single)

A short soul joint, released in 2008.