Slow blog posting…

Hey folks, apologies for the lack of posts. This website may be going through a bit of a transition this fall. In the meantime, if you want to follow my latest musical, photographic and artistic endeavors, please check my Instragram (, Facebook ( and Soundcloud (

More soon!

DJ Ian Head on Instagram

So I’m on Instagram – gonna try and post some interesting, record-and-hip-hop-nerd-type photos. Here’s something that fell out a record sleeve recently – a promo postcard for those buyers of early Solesides (now Quannum) vinyl. Notice the early web address – Solesides didn’t even have its own domain name, but you could still get the latest 411.

Noah Uman’s Record Collection (Dust and Grooves)

The infamous Dust and Grooves blog got it in with Noah Uman down at his new digs in Nashville. Noah used to live above a friend of mine in Jersey City, and was always super humble and down-to-earth whenever I ran into him, an all-around nice guy and music lover. Not to mention he supported a lot of my music and even had me on his WFMU radio show once, which was pretty kind considering much of my internet-distributed music was virtually unknown to anyone listening. Noah is not unknown however – besides continuing to host his radio show Coffee Break for Heroes and Villians he’s spreadheaded some amazing hip-hop reissues, from the Beatnuts to Siah and Yeshua Dapo Ed’s EP. And Dust and Grooves comes with some great photos per usual.

(Noah if you’re reading this I know I still owe you some music…)

DollaBin Digging in South Philly (Photo)

Me and Verb descended upon Beautiful World Syndicate in South Philly last night, along with the infamous Noah P (big shout out!). Need to get back there ASAP.

Recent Digs (Photo)

recent digs.

Mysterious Seattle Record Store (Photo)

“(Never) Stop graffiti”