Occasional Mix 11

Download: Occasional Mix #11

Short new mix of hip-hop and beats. Threw it together on a Sunday morning, apologies for the sloppy cuts!

Ka.lil: Sunday Morning 6:28am
Sulpacio Jones: Really Don’t Matter
Moka Only ft. Plug 2: Mr. Megahustle
Clear Soul Forces: Stack Yo Paypuh!!
J. Dilla: Beat 3
Rough Draft: 1763 Eddy Road
Shuteyes: S.E. Always
Evolve-One: Lost
Opoetik and Evolve-One: Talk to Myself
Sly5thAve: Don’t Kill my Vibe

Fresher Than Your Father Podcast Episode 48

Fresher Than Your Father Podcast Episode 48 (Download)

Record store fails, the results of global warming, Dave gets VIP passes to the Roots show. Love is a thing of the past, and we get extra nerdy on these records.

Ka.lil “Whiskey Mask” Video + New Album June 4

My dude Ka.lil’s new album “Between Saturday Night and Sunday Morning” drops on June 4th. Check for it!!

Statik Selektah “The Thrill is Gone”

This is a little old but I wasn’t aware of it until recently…classic Styles P verse.

Occasional Mix #10

Occasional Mix #10 – DJ Ian Head (Download)

With the start of March, I’m still trying to get a handle on some new routines and find time to dedicate to digging, mixtapes and beats. Definitely working toward some bigger, conceptual mix projects in the coming month or two, but here’s a little something for the headphones – the latest Occasional Mix, which is mostly an excuse to play newish hip-hop and give myself something to listen to when riding the train to work. Hope there’s something on here you haven’t heard before.

Shabazz Palaces
Attica Blues
Abyssinian Creole (unreleased)
Bambu ft. Rocky Rivera
Kendrick Lamar
Damu the Fudgemunk
Ras Nebyu
Suntonio Bandanaz
Moka Only

New Muamin Release: “So Blue It’s Black”

Muamin Collective “So Blue It’s Black”

Dope new release from Muamin outta Cleveland. Don’t sleep on these cats. Support independent music.

Marc Mac “Message from Soulville”

Message from Soulville – Available on Bandcamp

Marc Mac delivers yet another visionary beats & politics release, “Message from Soulville.” This guy is just incredible:

“Marc Mac (4hero) returns with another Mixtape Style album following on from ‘Extend The Knowledge” & “It’s Right To Be Civil”. Beats are intertwined with soundbites from the 1960’s Vietnam War protest era where African Americans were sent to fight in Vietnam during the Civil Rights period in the USA.

“The Vietnam War saw the highest proportion of blacks ever to serve in an American war. During the height of the U.S. involvement, 1965-69, blacks, who formed 11 percent of the American population, made up 12.6 percent of the soldiers in Vietnam. The majority of these were in the infantry, and although authorities differ on the figures, the percentage of black combat fatalities in that period was a staggering 14.9 percent, a proportion that subsequently declined. Volunteers and draftees included many frustrated blacks whose impatience with the war and the delays in racial progress in America led to race riots on a number of ships and military bases, beginning in 1968, and the services’ response in creating interracial councils and racial sensitivity training. . . . ” – John Sibley Butler, Remember To Remember. “A Generation Needs Truth”

Joey Bada$$, Smoke Dza and Big KRIT – “Underground Airplay”

Diggin this joint, they all kill it but Big KRIT…