New vinyl release coming soon…


The second vinyl release from Everydaybeats is coming very soon…this time from the Dollabin duo, Verbal Math and DJ Ian Head. Ten years after our EP release dedicated to digging up old records, we’re pressing our own music up on wax. Side A is a classic from that original release, and Side B are a couple vinyl exclusives. Stay tuned!

DollaBin Digging in South Philly (Photo)

Me and Verb descended upon Beautiful World Syndicate in South Philly last night, along with the infamous Noah P (big shout out!). Need to get back there ASAP.

DollaBin “The Magic”

Another new-ish joint from us Dollabin cats – “The Magic.” Something kinda goofy we did last year, finally seeing the light of day. Free download.

Dollabin “Styles You Can’t Afford” Instrumentals

I’ve spent the past couple weeks moving all the Dollabin music onto Bandcamp so it’s more easily accessible. I’ll continue to update and tweak things moving forward.

Here’s one slightly “new” release – many of the instrumentals from “Styles You Can’t Afford” which we dropped in 2009. Enjoy.

Dollabin 2008 Promo Mix

Dollabin Promo Mix from 2008 – Verb and I did this leading up to the 2009 release of “Styles You Can’t Afford.” We’re still on a bit of a hiatus right now due to work, family, geography and life but I’ll try and put up some old / unreleased cuts on my Soundcloud in the coming weeks.

Dollabin “Rockin It” (Free Release)

Dollabin "Rockin It"

Dollabin – “Rockin It” (Free download)

Released in late 2009, a special bonus cut from DJ Ian Head and Verbal Math.

Dollabin “Styles You Can’t Afford” LP

The full-length release from Dollabin (Verbal Math and DJ Ian Head). Featuring Toni Hill and Gabriel Teodros. Download. More info at DOLLABIN.COM.

Dollabin “One More Crate” EP

The original EP, released in 2006. Probably the most downloaded release from Everydaybeats.  Emcee Verbal Math and DJ Ian Head going in on these crates. Download.