DollaBin “The Magic”

Another new-ish joint from us Dollabin cats – “The Magic.” Something kinda goofy we did last year, finally seeing the light of day. Free download.

DJ Ian Head “PIECES” LP Re-release

So I’ve re-released my 2008 album “PIECES.” Big shout to the Japanese digital label Root70Lounge, which no longer is distributing music as of earlier this year, for showing me love and putting it out four years ago.

This time around I’m releasing it on Bandcamp for free, along with several “bonus cuts” that I had released for a limited time earlier – some remixes, some versions with vocals, and other little treats. Hope everyone enjoys.



Released in 2008 by Root70Lounge. Available on iTunes. Featuring Gabriel Teodros, Khingz, Omega Jackson, Josh Joffee, Subtext and more.

DJ Ian Head and Khingz “How to Be a Villain” EP

Recorded in 2003, officially released in 2009. Download.

DJ Ian Head featuring Peach Howard – “Gone” (single)

A short soul joint, released in 2008.

DJ Ian Head “Verses” EP

Released in 2006, I remixed several of my favorite verses.

Cipher Sessions Interview with Dollabin (Verbal Math and DJ Ian Head)

Listen to the interview here.

My dude Dahwud recorded the first-ever interview with Dollabin (myself and Verbal Math). Some nostalgic ramblings into the origins of the group, early recording styles, digging missions, how songs came together and general discussion of releasing music on the internets for free. Plus a little bit on the Fresher Than Your Father podcast. Check for it!