Interview with A-Ski Unique74

Los Angeles DJ, producer and record head A-Ski just dropped his new album, “Change the Mood,” and I figured it was a good time to catch up with him and revitalize the Everdaybeats interview series. I hit him with a couple questions and got some deep answers.

IH: Talk about yourself for a moment. Where are you coming from with this new record?

A-SKI: Well, it was a natural progression. I have been producing and making beats since 87′. DJ’ing is my first love but I have been involved with music composition and playing instruments since I was 4. I learned how to play rhythm guitar & piano and drums when I  was  5 yrs old. As  the years went by, I felt the need for creative expression to be unleashed. As a DJ, I felt there was  a limit in creativity that I had already conquered. There was also a 5 year course of events that influenced many of the songs.. Love, passion & pain in harmony.