Digging Diaries 001: SEA / PDX Winter Trip (Mixtape)

Digging Diaries 001: Seattle / Portland Winter Trip (Free Download)

“Digging Diaries” will be a new mixtape series from me for 2013, chronicling recent digs and travels I might take throughout the year. I went to Seattle and Portland over the winter holidays, and ended up shipping back a thick stack of vinyl to NYC. This mix is composed of just a few of those records, eclectic and vibey, trying to play some stuff you don’t normally hear, along with a couple classic breaks for the heads.


She Will
Galatea’s Guitar
Foxes and Weeds
I Got Love
Don’t Really Care
Getting it On
Soul Sides
Barbara Ann
Retrato Em Branco E Preto

Jazz Trio Stray Phrases Covers Dilla’s “Donuts” Live

Looking for something else, I came across this – I like how it’s pretty raw, not polished.

Fresher Than Your Father Podcast #42

Fresher Than Your Father Podcast – Episode 42

Dave and Ian are back to talk good and bad record stores, basketball, dissecting Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Rap Songs, and the bozack.

Gabriel Teodros TEDxRainer Talk

My friend Gabe got the honor of doing a TED talk at TEDxRainer the other week. Take a trip with him as he talks hip-hop, science fiction, growing up, activism and more.

“The Rise and Fall of Obscure Music Download Blogs” (article)

“The Rise and Fall of Obscure Music Download Blogs”

This is dope – especially for obscure music lovers, record collectors and internet nerds (like me):

“While the RIAA was suing dead people for downloading Michael Jackson songs (and Madonna was using Soulseek to curse at teenagers), obscure music blogs racked up millions of hits, ripping and sharing 80s Japanese noise, 70s German prog, 60s San Francisco hippie freak-outs, 50s John Cage bootlegs, 30s gramophone oddities, Norwegian death metal, cold wave cassettes made by kids in their garages, and the like. It was the mid aughts, and the advent of digitization had inadvertently put the value of the music industry’s “Top Ten” commercial product in peril. That same process transformed the value of old, collectible music as well. If one smart record collector was able to share the entire contents—music, artwork and all—of one vinyl LP on his blog, for free, and upload another item from his 1,000+ collection the next day, for weeks and years, and others like him did the same, competing with each other about who could upload the rarest and most sought-after record, and anyone who downloaded it could then share it again and again… Suddenly everyone in the world had the coolest record collection in the world; and soon, nobody in the world had the coolest record collection in the world.” (h/t Pipomixes)

Occasional Mix #9

Download: Occasional Mix #9 (DJ Ian Head)

Another short mix of hip-hop I’m bumpin right now. Homeboy Sandman, The Physics, Clear Soul Forces, Es Nine, Marc Mac and KA.lil. Check for it.

DollaBin Digging in South Philly (Photo)

Me and Verb descended upon Beautiful World Syndicate in South Philly last night, along with the infamous Noah P (big shout out!). Need to get back there ASAP.

Recent Digs (Photo)

recent digs.