New Vinyl Release! Limited Edition 7-inch from DollaBin (DJ Ian Head & Verbal Math)


ORDER: Limited Edition Dollabin 7-inch Vinyl (

It’s here! The Dollabin crew of DJ Ian Head and Verbal Math has finally pressed our own piece of wax. The A-side is a favorite from our first release ten years ago, “Pragmatic,” and the B-side is the exclusive new song “Style Points Coda.” As a bonus, we threw on an instrumental of “Pragmatic” as well.

Vinyl is in limited supply so grab a copy now!

Thanks so everyone who continues to support independent music.

New vinyl release coming soon…


The second vinyl release from Everydaybeats is coming very soon…this time from the Dollabin duo, Verbal Math and DJ Ian Head. Ten years after our EP release dedicated to digging up old records, we’re pressing our own music up on wax. Side A is a classic from that original release, and Side B are a couple vinyl exclusives. Stay tuned!

crunchy album-cuts (new mix)

New Mixtape: Crunch Album-only Hip-Hop Cuts (DOWNLOAD)

A mix of a few hip-hop album-only classics, all from original vinyl. Which means, they all sound crunchy and old and kinda rough. But hopefully also fun.

Tracklisting: Freddie Foxxx, Jungle Brothers, Organized Konfusion, Yo-Yo, LLCoolJ, 3rd Bass, EPMD, Above the Law, Del the Funkee Homosapien, Gang Starr, MC Lyte, Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube, Black Sheep.

Jazz for Phife

Pullin from the Stacks Episode 36 – Jazz for Phife (Download)

I thought I’d dedicate a few jazz selections from all-time Tribe songs with especially classic Phife verses to the one and only Funky Diabetic. Tribe’s music is forever, and changed my life forever. Styles upon styles upon styles. Rest in Power Phife Dawg.

Jack DeJonette’s Directions (Buggin Out)
Lee Morgan (Oh My God)
Milt Jackson (Award Tour)
Ronnie Foster (Electric Relaxation)
Grover Washington, Jr. (Push it Along)
Grant Green (Vibes and Stuff)

Latest Pullin from the Stacks Episodes!

Latest Pullin from the Stacks episodes:

Another couple months, another five episodes of Pullin from the Stacks. Thanks to everyone for the continued support! Check out Soundcloud and iTunes for tracklistings and regular updates.

New Pullin from the Stacks / Thanks for Listening!

DOWNLOAD: Pullin from the Stacks Episode 29

DOWNLOAD: Pullin from the Stacks Episode 28

DOWNLOAD: Pullin from the Stacks Episode 27

Sorry for the lag in web updates – for those who don’t know, I’m more frequently updating social media – Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr – than this website, which remains a “home base” but I don’t always have time to keep up with.

As 2015 winds down, here’s the last few episodes of Pullin from the Stacks. It’s been a very busy fall season and I haven’t had the time to put together and finish several other projects I’ve been working on, but hopefully in the new year there’ll be a few cool treats in addition to the ongoing podcast series. Many thanks to all that continue to listen and support the podcast though! Much appreciated.

Hope everyone is well.


Pullin from the Stacks in Havana and more

Pullin from the Stacks Episode 25 – Digging in Havana (DOWNLOAD)

Pullin from the Stacks Episode 26 – Fall Digging (DOWNLOAD)

Two more recent episodes for you all the check – first, I was able to go to Cuba last month for work-related reasons, and get a little bit of digging in. So I put together a mix of some of my favorites from that trip. Next, I’ve recently been grabbing some long sought-after pieces the past couple months, and wanted to play a few on the latest episode, along with some other eclectic selections. Be sure to check out that new Sly 5th Avenue record, available from my people at Kooyman Records:

Thanks for everyone’s support on this podcast the past year! More to come.

– DJ Ian Head


New episodes and more good stuff soon!

Pullin from the Stacks Podcast – Episode 24 (All Tjader)

Pullin from the Stacks Podcast – Episode 23

Pullin from the Stacks Podcast – Episode 22

An update for everyone on the latest podcasts and such. Life has been busy, but look for some upcoming things this fall – a couple new mixes and some production on a joint or two. The Pullin from the Stacks podcast will continue for now…but it might be a little more sporadic in the future.