Weekly Digs 5/27/12

Went on a sweaty, Saturday morning mission to three spots over in Greenpoint. Not highly successful, but once again the cheap bins came through with the heaviest treats. Copped a promo copy of Saafir’s classic “Light Sleeper” / “Battle Drill” 12 for $3, including a vintage Saafir sticker on the jacket.

Aside from that, a Cannonball I hadn’t seen before – “Prism” – with some Axlerod-produced cuts and such, and a couple other 12s. When I got home though I started looking through my recent record stacks and realized how many joints I’d copped in the last month and how little I’d been able to listen to them. While the obsession never dies I think there’s moments where I need to pull back for a minute and get to studying what I have in the crates. Especially during this three-day weekend as I plan out the next mixtape.

So this morning I started going through some records I’d had for awhile that I hadn’t pulled in a minute. Thumbing through I noticed a number of records that need to get cleansed – but that’s for another blog post. Finally I got to a classic – Black Heat’s self-titled album, which I’d copped because I knew they’d had some b-boy classics, but then never really went back to. Today I listened to it all the way through – one of the best funk albums I’ve heard in ages. Ridiculous and heavy, so glad to have it in the crate.